Born on July 21, 1902 in the village of Novocherkasskaya in the family of a Cossack officer.

Descended from the hereditary noblemen of the Don Cossack Region. Until October 1917 he studied at the Donskoy Emperor Alexander III cadet corps in Novocherkassk. In the summer of 1918, having dropped out of school, he volunteered for the partisan foot Cossack regiment (later renamed Alekseevsky) of Colonel P.K. Pisarev, with whom he made the second Kuban campaign from Lezhanka to Stavropol and Nevinnomysskaya. For participation in the campaign he was awarded the St. George Medal of the 4th degree. After graduating from the cadet corps, he entered the Ataman military school.

He took part in battles in the Crimea. He was wounded and awarded the 4th degree cross of St. George. In 1920, together with the units of General P.N. Wrangel was evacuated to the island of Lemnos, and later to Bulgaria. On June 12, 1922, he was promoted to the first officer's rank. In February 1933 he joined the NSNP. From January 1938 to November 1939, on the instructions of the Union, he worked in an illegal position in Germany - in a printing house for the publication of propaganda literature. Until August 1940 he lived in Yugoslavia (Belgrade) and worked in the editorial office of the union newspaper "For Russia". Until August 1942, he carried out allied work in Bulgaria and Romania, and then in Berlin as a proofreader for the Russian newspaper Novoye Slovo. He took part in the development of the "Scheme of the National Labor System", editing the first issues of the newspaper KONR "Will of the People" (1944). Member of KONR. Under the name of the journalist A. Lisovsky, he signed the KONR Manifesto. After the surrender of Germany, he lived in Hamburg, and then in the Mönchegoff camp near Kassel, organized by the NTS. He was the editor of the Posev publishing house, and from May 1947 to August 1949 - the Echo newspaper. In August 1949 he moved to the United States, where on September 20, 1951, he headed the American branch of the NTS. On August 10, 1954, among 23 members of the New York branch, he signed a declaration of withdrawal from the Union. He was one of the organizers and active members of the "Initiative Group for the Creation of an Organization of Free Solidarists". Author of many publications in émigré periodicals and books, including Novopokolentsy (New York, 1986). (Baydalakov 2002, 82)
Pryanishnikov Boris Vitalievich (1902-2002)
Pryanishnikov Boris Vitalievich (A. Lisovsky)

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