Mikhail Alexandrovich Georgievskii (1888-1950)

Mikhail Alexandrovich Georgievskii

Georgievskii вorn in 1888 in the village of Bezhitsa, Oryol province (near Bryansk). In 1914, he graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of St. Petersburg University. In 1918, he was Privatdozent of the university, a church historian. After working at the university, he moved to Rostov-on-Don and worked in the government under Denikin. In 1919, Georgievsky emigrated to Yugoslavia.¹

From 1920 to 1929, Georgievsky worked as a professor of Hebrew at the University of Belgrade, then taught ancient languages ​​at the 1st Russian-Serbian gymnasium until 1936. In 1930, he joined the People's Labor Union. At the II Congress of the NTS in 1931, Mikhail Aleksandrovich received the post of general secretary of the union. He wrote articles for the periodicals of the NTS—the newspaper “For Russia”, the magazine “Lights”. He made a number of foreign trips to meet with union members throughout Europe.²

He kept in touch with members of the ROVS. He was also closely associated with the Japanese and Polish military attachés in Berlin (generals Sawada and Kawabe and Captain Jerzy Nezbrzycki [a.k.a. Richard Vraga]). In 1941, Georgievskii worked in the city of Zemun. He opposed cooperation with the Nazis and left the NTS the same year.³

In October 1944, Georgievskii, together with Nikita Durnovo, tried to leave Yugoslavia for Hungary, but both were captured by Tito’s partisans and were handed over to the SMERSH authorities during the Belgrade operation of the Red Army. Georgievskii was taken to the USSR and sentenced to death. The verdict was carried out on July 25, 1950.⁴
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