Born in pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg. The leaving from the mesh family.
Father of the future Archbishop, Nikolai Alekseevich, was an official of the expedition on the preparation of state securities. After 1917 she worked as an accountant in "Pompi" and in other organizations located in Smolny. Consisted in the union of militant boots. After the Great Patriotic War, he was arrested (in prison for about one and a half years) and on the will came out with heart problems. 3 years before his death came to God. (Grigoryan 1999).

Mother - Vera Nikolaevna, was mainly upbringing children. She was a member of the Alexander Nevsky Brotherhood
Mother, older brother and grandmother Mikhail Nikolayevich were very influenced by the Orthodox Education.

From 8 years began to go to church and read on the closer. In 1919, he lived in Spassk. In 1920, he was devoted to the versassal Metropolitan of Veniamin. Actively participated in the spiritual life of Leningrad 20-30s. While visiting the temple, he fell into a religious circle and there he met his future spouse - Lutheran Dagmara (in Orthodoxy - Maria) Schreiber. For participation in it fell for the grille in 1930 (received 3 years conditionally). He studied at the Institute of Foreign Languages, as well as in the Conservatory. In 1933 he received a diploma of a German language teacher and was forced to leave Leningrad: Mudyugin refused to be in Leningrad registration. The future archbishop went to the Ural city of Gubah to teach languages, and after, remaining without work, lived for some time in Novgorod. From 1935 to 1937, he worked as a heat engineer at the Red Porcelain plant in Chuda. He met the beginning of war in Pushkin, where he worked as a designer on a machine-tooling plant. With his wife was evacuated first to the Urals, later - in Novosibirsk. There he graduated in absentia by the Institute of Metal Products in 1946. ("Tserkovnyy Vestnik" / 2012)

In the end, in 1953 he defended his dissertation in the Cotturbinal Institute and began to teach at the Mountain Institute. He held the post of associate professor in this educational institution. He was propheted a successful career of the scientist. Muduygin prepared a doctoral dissertation, but at the end of the 50s he threw the teaching and left for Vologda, along with his wife to start his church career. In 1955, Metropolitan Leningrad and Novgorod Gregory (Chukov) (they were prisoners in 1930 at home a preliminary conclusion on a tall street) blessed Mikhail Nikolaevich for the adoption of spiritual Sana. He was also friendly with proto, teachers of the Leningrad Spiritual Academy Alexander Osipov and Mikhail Gundyaev (Father of the Patriarch of All Russia Kirill).(Amvrosiy 2013)

In 1958, Mudyugin left the Mining Institute and began service in the Vologda Diocese. In absentia graduated from the seminary. Having become a priest of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, Mikhail Mudyugin, he worked in Vologda for two more years. Tuberculosis of the wife of Dagmary Maria made it overwhelmed with a married couple in Ustyuzhin's town. But in 1963, the heart of Wisen Muudyugina stopped fighting. After the year of the widowed priest, he was fired at the state at the insistence of the Mustlava of Mstislav allegedly under pressure from state bodies. (Segodnya 1995)

In an interview, Mudyugin will not read about this event, however, talks about friendship with Family Chavchavadze:

"Vladyka bypassed this story by silence. Svetlana Nikolaevna, outraged by injustice, tried to remember the name of that bishop:

- I do not remember the name, God formates, Marry Lvovna Chavchavadze called him when we saw it for the last time.

- Maria Chavchavadze is not a relative of those famous Chavchavadze, from the genus of the wife of Griboyedov?

- Yes, Mary Mary Lvovna, Mikhail Nikolaevich, was the descendant of the princely kind of Chavchavadze. At one time he was secretary of the Grand Duke Konstantin. During the revolutionary University, Mikhail Nikolaevich was in Paris, after the war his family returned from Paris and immediately was separated. They lived on dugouts in the link, one of their girl because of the persecution went crazy. In Vologda, they lived in the diocesan administration, Mikhail Nikolayevich consisted of a bishop.

Grigoryan also noticed in an interview: "They lived with Lord Mikhail (then he was still a priest) very friendly. Arranged musical evenings, argued to church, theatrical themes. Dispoles Chavchavadze Desperate "
(Grigoryan 1999).

Mudyugina had to return to Leningrad along with two daughters. He began studying in absentia in the Spiritual Academy. Thanks to the help of the future Patriarch of Pimen, his church activity began to move to the mountain.

From 1966 to 1968, Muudyugin held the position of rector of the Leningrad Spiritual Academy. He was appointed vicar of Metropolitan - Bishop Tikhvinsky. At that time, he also engaged in editorial activities in the magazine "Theological Works".
Leaving the recoor chair, Mikhail Mudyugin in 1968 was sent to Astrakhan, where he took the Episcopian Department.
In addition to defending in 1972 in LDA dissertation for the degree of Master of theology, Muudyugin took part in the trips of Orthodox delegations in Prague, Athens, as well as in the GDR and Kenya.
(Drevo Otkrytaya Pravoslavnaya EntSiklopediya 2012)
1977 became a peak in Muudyugina's career - she was built in the San Archbishop. Two years later, he was sent to the already familiar Vologda, where the newly minted dignitarily adopted a leadership of the diocese. Archbishop of Vologda and Velikuustyuzhsky he will stay until 1993.

In 1980, Archbishop became a professor in his native spiritual academy and worked there until 1999.

From 1993 to 2000 he lived on peace in St. Petersburg. He was engaged in teaching in the Orthodox Academy, he worked on the radio "TEOS", he lectured in all sorts of circles and on courses, performed with sermons in the Christian temples of the city and went to meetings by cities. He was buried at the Nikolsky cemetery of Alexander Nevsky Lavra.
(Kostrmin 2012, 6)

Archbishop Mikhail (Mudyugin) (1912- 2000)
Archbishop Mikhail (Mikhail Nikolaevich Mudyugin)

Archbishop Mikhail (Mikhail Nikolaevich Mudyugin)

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